Sometimes it is really obvious that you need a new car says Campbell River auto dealer Tyee Chevrolet Buick GMC. Perhaps you have been in an accident and your car is totaled. Maybe it keeps sucking your budget dry with repairs. Then of course there is the typical gas guzzler that makes you day dream about the new cars you see on commercials. Overall, the when to buy a new car is usually affected by three typical guidelines.

Financial Reasoning

There is the a crunch in a lot of markets right now that make that $300+ car payment seem like it is a monkey on your shoulder. You may absolutely love your car but those car payments make it impossible to keep it. This means it is time to get a new car and this time with a much lower payment.
For some, the fact that the car has been with them since their school days means that it is disheartening to replace it. So many memories grace its back seats and this can be hard to overcome. Until, you spend every single day after work tinkering with something. Or more time in a rental car than in your own because it is need of repairs. Older cars also tend to get less than ideal gas mileage, which makes a huge difference when you are sitting in traffic daily.
There is also the flip side of this. IF you got a rocking new job, finally, and now you can afford a 300+ car payment monthly. Then it is definitely time to get out there and enjoy the new car. Take your time and find one that makes driving fun again.

Family Situations

In every family there are some situations that may arise that means you need a new car. Marriage and families need a different type of car than a single person. There may now be a need for a backseat, sorry but it is time to park the two seat sports car. Honestly this is a good thing. It means you have something more to be proud of than your car. Don’t dread it, just embrace it. With all the great features new cars have you won’t even miss that convertible anymore.

Work Hard Play Hard

The most fun situation is knowing you have the family car under control and that the financial status can handle a new toy. You have worked so hard to get to where you are so why not play hard? This could be the time for a convertible. The true fun comes in having a mud toy. A big truck that can climb and hill, make it through any mud hole, or take that trail without any stopping. Pack a picnic and away you go.
No matter how your situation changes, you will find that new car. Do not give up hope on finding the right car for your needs within your budget. Just do not get to attached because every time and season in life brings about a change in your car.

Being able to maneuver so fast and to change gears so quickly is a skill that only racers are gifted with. Yes, such skill can be obtained through training, but you also need to have the heart of a very adventurous and courageous person to make it very possible. The love for speed and to drive is an essential part of a racing profession. One can overcome the hurdles one will face on the road when he is manageable behind the wheel. A racing car or vehicle is the only tool that a racer has on his hands, totally equipped and assembled to really handle the vigorous route that it will go under, it needs a powerful push like racers in a marathon, something to keep it going, and help finish the race.

racing carFueling it up
Cars used in racing activities need to be fueled up all the time. It is the only way it could track their designated path continuously without fail. However, riders or the drivers should bear in mind to use only the right fuel on the car engines. This way, you would be insured that engine troubles would not be experienced. Like any ordinary car, a selected type of gasoline whether Unleaded or Leaded is needed to be fueled up properly, the wrong fuel used will either cause damage on the car or will certainly affect the way it functions. There are several types of racing fuel used, either, Leaded gasoline, Methanol fuel, Nitromethane fuel, Nitrous fuel, and Ethanol fuel.

Leaded no More
Because of health and environmental issues with the use of leaded gasoline, this has been phased out in the 70’s and instead Unleaded fuel was used. The quantity of gasoline being used consistently by racing vehicles, especially during racing events measured up to the danger of leaded gasoline effects, unlike the regular vehicles that use Leaded gasoline for a period of time. The year 2011 marked the start of a “green” innovation in the racing profession, lessening the effects of air pollution as possible as can be.

NitromethaneNaturally Fueled
Technology is now acknowledging the negative effects of their work towards the environment. That is why they created natural and organic fuel like Nitromethane. It is a fuel not only used for radio controlled vehicles and rockets, but also for vehicles used in drag racing events is combined together with Methanol Fuel, produced from biomass and natural gas and not costly compared to Ethanol. For racing events like the IndyCar Series, Ethanol fuel is a less toxic type of gasoline that racers use. Raising the capacity of horsepower, Nitrous fuel is used by drag racers.

The love for speed is within the blood and heart of racers around the world. Just like the racers, their vehicles also need the proper drink to go all the way through a racing success.  However, drivers should be vigilant in choosing cars. They should go for cars that require fuel that will not only make it go fast but protect the planet as well.

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