Company Profile

Nutec, founded in 1998, has been established to supply worldwide motorsports with new technology products previously only available to factory racing teams. Nutec oils, additives and racing fuels are designed to produce maximum performance without regard for cost! In such a short period, Nutec products have shown marvelous results in the world race scenes: Formula 1, World Grand Prix (125, 250, and 500cc), World Superbike AMA (Road Racing, Motocross, Flat track), Drag Racing, Go-Kart, Watercraft, Snowmobiles,… We’ve earned respect in the most competitive series by showing substantial power improvements over all our competitors along with an irreproachable product quality level.

Nutec engineers have been involved in this research field for more than twenty years and keep raising the level of performance in Motorsprot racing year after year. Coming from many of the worlds major oil and engine manufactureres research departments, they are the most experienced and knowledgeable people in this very technical and competitive market.

Nutec also realizes that racing has no boundaries so we maintain warehouses in the USA, Europe, Asia (Japan), Australia and South America. Working very closely with manufacturers in Japan, Europe and the USA, Nutec can develop and improve its products constantly with the latest works and OEM components.

While other fuel and oil companies keep selling basic products, Nutec makes the lastest racing fuel and oil technology avialable to you because we believe you deserve the best to win.